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Mushrooms and truffles

In our e-store, you will only find Italian porcini mushrooms. They are available dried, in oil - whole or in pieces - or as a sauce, even combined with truffles.
Our dried porcini mushrooms are dried as soon as they are picked. As such, their freshness is completely preserved, and it blooms once more when they are rehydrated to be used in a whole range of preparations. They are perfect for enriching a meat or vegetable ragù, or adding a little something extra to a roast or a grain soup. These are fantastic treats from the forest that are processed exclusively by hand to preserve their integrity and intense aroma.
Amongst the best Italian mushrooms and truffles onlineto be found on Italy Bite, you can also find the rare and much sought-after red cap porcini mushrooms (Boletus Pinicola). They grow mainly in medium and high mountain areas and are preserved whole or in pieces in oil. They make for an excellent appetiser or a spectacular garnish for your dishes. They are processed on a small scale. In fact, as well as being hand-picked, they are also cleaned and jarred by hand.
If, like us, you adore truffles, we at Italy Bite have selected the best Piedmontese and Umbrian producers. These two regions are the true home of truffles, first and foremost the white truffle of Alba. Only the finest white truffles are picked by hand, before being packed in jars, ready to be finely sliced with a truffle slicer. Remember that white truffles hate being cooked! They would lose a great deal of their intoxicating aroma, which is released to its fullest if combined with animal fats (mascarpone, cream, butter, eggs).
From Spoleto (Umbria), on the other hand, we have the finest black truffles. Delicious and fragrant, they lend themselves to being used either raw or cooked, because their aroma only intensifies when cooked. Every single truffle is checked, delicately cleaned and carefully washed, then packed in jars as they are or in a sauce. Try it on a fillet steak, as a sauce for egg tagliatelle, or to enrich the filling of ravioli or tortelli. It truly is something special!
Finally, a somewhat more accessible and slightly less valuable variety - yet delicious and aromatic nonetheless - is the summer truffle. It is also known as Scorzone and is picked between late May and early September. It can be used to prepare many recipes: grated directly over a plate of pasta, on a carpaccio of meat or fish, or atop a simple fried egg.
If, however, you prefer a truffle-flavoured oil, we have carefully selected the finest artisanal products made with handpicked Italian truffles which are cleaned with the utmost care. No artificial flavourings, just the true flavour of nature.
If you are looking for the best mushrooms and truffles onlineand want ready-made sauces for irresistible apéritifs and pasta and rice dishes, you can go wild with our selection of summer truffle pâtés, truffle sauces and mixed truffle/porcini sauces
“Extra” Dried Porcini Mushrooms - 40g

“Extra” Dried Porcini Mushrooms - 40g

€ 17,90



Inaudi is a synonym for high-quality porcini mushrooms and truffles. Clemente Inaudi and his wife Irma founded the company back in the 70s; since then the quality standard of their products has always been extremely high to the extent that they have become a point of reference in the mushrooms field, whether we are talking about fresh, dehydrated mushrooms or mushrooms in oil. They only choose the best boletes for their dehydrated mushrooms of “Extra” quality and they slice and dry them manually. Why are they called “extra”? The regulation requiring to indicate the classification of dehydrated porcini mushrooms, states that “Extra” refers to the highest quality of dried mushrooms. The “Extra” bolete mushrooms have a white-cream colour, thin slices, the caps and stems are often still attached and there are practically no parts that have turned black. These scented products of the woods, bursting with aroma, only need to soak in lukewarm water for twenty minutes and they are ready to be used for cooking. You will only need to wring the water out of the mushrooms and prepare them to your liking. You can make delicious soups, risotto or meat-based dishes. A 40g package is ideal for four servings of sauce or braised meat. ​​​​​​​ We like to add them to: Meat ragout Pureed soups Savoury pies Risotto Soufflés

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