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Pistocchi Cake

Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi, brother and sister, have been working together in their Florentine workshop for over 25 years.
"We make our cakes by hand, one by one, like 25 years ago.......Without using flour, butter or eggs, and without adding sugar. Mixing up to seven different types of fine dark chocolate, pure cocoa powder and very little milk cream.
A large soft and creamy chocolate, perhaps enriched with scented fruits or aromatic spices. We pack them in a vacuum so that they keep all their fragrance and goodness for months.
Selection of 6 single portions of Pistocchi Cake - 6x40g

Selection of 6 single portions of Pistocchi Cake - 6x40g

€ 24,90

Torta Pistocchi


This selection of mini cakes by Pistocchi Cake Florence was made especially for those who simply cannot choose between all the fantastic flavours of this delicious chocolate cake. The six single portions are available in the following flavours: Classic dark chocolate: five types of dark chocolate, cocoa powder and a drop of milk. Is it a chocolate praline or a cake? It doesn’t matter; what’s important is its perfect creamy texture and its intense taste. Pears: little pieces of semi-candied pear perfectly combine the voluptuousness of the chocolate, preserving the perfume and the aroma of the pear. Coffee: the extremely fine powder of 100% Arabica coffee from Ethiopia meets the chocolate and releases all its aroma and sweet taste with citrus and floral notes. Strawberry: a cake with plenty of strawberries both in the taste buds and in the recipe, with more than 30% of semi-candied strawberries. An evergreen winning duo! Sicilian citrus fruit: the chocolate envelops precious orange and lemon zest, candied by the expert hands of Corrado Assenza with only sugar and nothing more. Red hot chilli pepper: the red hot chilli pepper infused in chocolate releases all its aromatic spiciness which tastes absolutely amazing when paired with butter biscuits! All the delights of Pistocchi Cake Florence taste amazing. All we have left to do is taste them all.  

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