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Argiolas Cheese

Argiolas Cheese, a pioneering cheese company leading the way in the production of Sardinian cheeses, was founded in Dolianova, in the province of Cagliari, in 1954, by two brothers Ennio and Eligio Argiolas. During their first years in business, they used to buy cheeses and let them age; the two brothers then decided to start producing their own cheese and rented a cheese factory. That’s how they started experimenting new types of cheese and continuously improved quality. In 1970 they built their own first Argiolas cheese factory which today is the core of the establishment. Nowadays, the company uses the most advanced technologies, such as a central IT system in the warehouse to regulate temperature and humidity, in order to ensure the best product quality during every step of the manufacturing process.

Argiolas only uses sheep, goat and cow milk from Sardinia and, thanks to 60 years of experience in the field, it successfully combines traditional cheese-making from Sardinia with new processing methods and high hygiene standards. A test laboratory checks every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that products are always wholesome. Argiolas cheeses have gradually gained renown at national and international level, as a further proof of the quality and authenticity of its products.
Argiolas Cheese firmly believes in sustainable development and environment protection. This pledge is reflected in several good practices, ranging from refuse disposal, to waste elimination, to animal wellbeing in farming. The company tries to always optimise the manufacturing process in order to reduce energy consumption and waste generation; it is also equipped with a solar plant to produce energy, as well as a sewage treatment plant with organic sludge to clean manufacturing wastewater and reuse it for irrigation. Moreover, only those milk suppliers that can guarantee good animal health and proper nutrition are selected by the company which produces delicious cheeses that are also good for the environment.
Tasting selection: Argiolas products -10%

Tasting selection: Argiolas products

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Argiolas Formaggi


Degustazione di prodotti Argiolas. ​​​​​​​ La nostra instant box contiene 800 grammi di fantastici prodotti freschi:   200 gr di Fiore Sardo DOP Un formaggio di antichissima tradizione che Argiolas produce con latte crudo seguendo meticolosamente il disciplinare e coniugando l’antica sapienza casearia sarda con la più moderna tecnologia.   200 gr di Pecorino senza Lattosio Kenza Kenza è un pecorino fresco che contiene soltanto lo 0,05% di lattosio. Un prodotto innovativo ed eccellente per chi è intollerante al lattosio, buono quanto un pecorino fresco classico ma facilmente digeribile.   200 gr di Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP BIO Il pecorino sardo Dop maturo stagiona a lungo, per un tempo minimo di 60 giorni. Durante la maturazione acquista un particolare gusto piccante, intenso e avvolgente. È per questo che è perfetto anche come formaggio da grattugia. 200 gr di Ricotta Stagionata BIO La ricotta salata stagionata è un latticino realizzato con il siero, e non con il latte, di pecora. La ricotta stagionata Argiolas è biologica e ha una pasta compatta e bianca, ottenuta grazie al processo di disidratazione attivato dal sale.

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